Double-Action Piston Pump
Double speed, high accuracy

The patented double-action piston pump is equipped with a bi-directional piston and valve system. 
This eliminates the need for a separate suction-stroke to fill the pump with fluid before dispense, resulting in two major advantages: 

  • The dispensing speed is doubled
  • Pump capacity upto 1.0 l/min *) per pump, or double that capacity when using the extended version
  • Smallest dispensing amount 0.05 ml
  • Typical accuracy ± 0.5% / 0.05 ml *) 
  • The canister-level only sinks as much as is needed for the dispense, without additional level fluctuations. This significantly reduces the air-circulation in the canisters. Additionally the horizontal mounting of the doubleaction piston pumps prevents the build-up of air in the system. Combined with the long, steady stroke of the piston, a consistent and accurate dispense is assured.

*) Depending on Fluid rheology and dispensed amount