HX5 Industrial Dispenser

The compact, volumetric dispenser HX5, with its patented double-action piston pumps, is designed for semi industrial and high volume retail use. Highly flexible in its application, the HX5 can be connected to external tanks and even in combination with gravimetric dispensing systems.

  • Dispensing unit upto 18 or 32 components
  • Patented double-action piston pump for double dispensing speed
  • Pump capacity upto 1.0 l/min *)
  • Smallest dispensing amount 0.05 ml
  • Typical accuracy ± 0.5...1% *)
  • Automatic pump selector, reducing wear by 80%
  • 100% support for the new UDCP **) standard, allowing easy connection to external formulation and spectro-software
  • Other mainstream protocols like Gretag, FLink, etc. are also supported
*) Depending on Fluid rheology and dispensed amount
**) Universal Dispenser Communication Protocol